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1) Profoto Universal Air Remote Trigger


   Used with the Profoto B1 & D1 (On Shelf B1), the Profoto Universal Air Remote Trigger is used to wirelessly control and trigger Profoto lights. It allows photographers to adjust the power output and other settings of their Profoto flashes from a distance, providing greater flexibility and convenience during photo shoots. This remote works with various camera brands, making it a versatile tool for managing lighting in a photography setup. 

2) x2 B1 Profoto Batteries 

B1 batteries

   The Profoto B1 batteries are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries designed for the Profoto B1 flash (On shelf B1). They offer up to 300 full-power flashes per charge, quick recycling times, and an LED indicator to show remaining power, making them ideal for uninterrupted shooting sessions. 

3) Profoto D1 Cable 

D1 Cable

   This cable is only used for the Profoto model D1. We recommend using the cable version as it eliminates the need for charging and swapping out batteries, providing continuous, uninterrupted power for long studio sessions.

4) 5 in 1 Reflector 

Round reflector

   The 5-in-1 round reflector is a versatile photography tool that consists of a circular fabric panel with different colored surfaces on each side. It typically includes white, silver, gold, black, and translucent surfaces.

Photographers use it to manipulate light during a photo shoot. For example, the white side can bounce soft, diffused light onto the subject, while the silver side can enhance highlights and add contrast. The gold side adds warmth, the black side absorbs light to create shadows or reduce reflections, and the translucent side can be used as a diffuser to soften harsh light. 

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