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Shelf - A3.jpg


1) 48" Octa Bowens Mount Softbox + 1x4 Strip softbox
  You can add either of these two softboxes with our Godox LED lights (Bowens Mount) -
Shelf A1. Softboxes are used in to diffuse light, creating a softer and more even illumination. This reduces harsh shadows and highlights, resulting in more flattering and natural-looking images.​ 

bowens softbox

2) x3 Transparent umbrellas
     For an easy setup - translucent umbrellas in photography are used to diffuse and spread light broadly. They soften the light and reduce shadows, creating a more even and flattering illumination on the subject.​ They can be used with both of our Godox continues light on Shelf A1 or Strobe flash Profoto heads on Shelf B1.


Translucent Umbrellas

3) x4 Clamps

4) Gaffers Tape

5) Small clamps

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